Restorative Justice Program

The Restorative Justice Program is an alternative to the mainstream justice system. We provide diversion services to youth ages 12 and up, and adults. The program focuses on the repair of harm caused by crime or criminal behaviour. The Restorative Justice worker can provide relevant methods of intervention and services to address the needs of the client and courts.

By utilizing restorative processes and focusing on the needs of the harmed and harmer, clients will be supported in their legal proceedings, on their healing paths and their community reintegration.

We have two Restorative Justice workers who facilitate restorative justice conferencing circles for youth and adults.

Benefits of
Restorative Justice

Not to be confused with “Sentencing Circles,” the Restorative Justice process highlights the harm done to the community and how the community, rather than the court system, can respond to crime in a more culturally appropriate and satisfactory manner.

Other Benefits include:

  • Own your process
  • Have your voice heard
  • Cultural appropriateness
  • Outcomes are unique to each individual
  • Facilitates healing and closure
  • Support throughout your entire process
  • Confidential
  • Individual and family empowerment

Speak with your lawyer, Justice of the Peace, duty council, or court worker about seeking Restorative Justice diversion.

More questions?

Reach out directly to one of our program workers.